Escape Respirator Dräger PARAT® C


Escape aid: The fire escape hood Dräger PARAT® C gives you at least 15 minutes to get to safety in the event of a fire.


Protection against toxic gases and particles
The fire escape hood features a CO-P2 combined filter protecting against toxic gases, vapors and particles. This allows the wearer to breathe safely and escape to a hazard-free area.
One size fits all
Due to its universal size with flexible neck collar the fire escape hood offers reliable protection for most types of wearers. It is also suitable for individuals wearing glasses or a beard and is easily visible in hazardous situations due to its bright color.
Clear view
The large visor has been treated with an anti-fogging agent and offers a clear view for good orientation during the escape.
Min. 15 minutes protection
The Dräger PARAT® C protects the wearer for at least 15 minutes against smoke and hazardous gases generated during a fire. It has been approved in accordance with EN 403.
Five different packaging types
For the various deployment options the unit is available in five different packaging types: In a cardboard package as single pack, in a convenient carrying case in a soft pack, as traveler pack in a durable plastic box, in a package tested in mining operations for heavy industries, or as a twin pack in a wall box developed for stationary mounting.
Filter performance: Combination cartridge (gas & particle filter) provides protection against smoke, gases and particles, Filter Type: CO-P2
Approved duration: minimum of 15 minutes
Service Life: 12 years total (6 years maintenance free – filter and valve change required after 6 years)
Weight: approx. 600 grams
Dimensions: Dräger PARAT C Single-, Traveller-, Soft-Pack:
8 x 19 x 13,5 cm (H x L x W)
Dräger PARAT C Box:
18 x 19 x 8 cm (H x L x W)
Dräger PARAT C Twin-Pack:
9 x 33 x 22,5 cm (H x L x W)
Approval CE mark, tested according to EN 403 (H2S protection tested in accordance with DIN 58647-7)

Standard BS EN 403:2004
Title Identifier Respiratory protective devices for self-rescue. Filtering devices with hood for escape from fire. Requirements, testing, marking
Status CU
Publication Date 08/06/04
Committee PH/4
Approximate Price £106.00
ISBN 0 580 43863 5
Pages 34
International Equivalent EN 403:2004
Descriptors Breathing apparatus, Filters, Respirators, Masks (protective clothing), Protective clothing, Safety devices, Emergency equipment, Escape, Fire safety, Air filters, Smoke, Particulate air pollutants, Carbon monoxide, Toxic gases, Performance testing, Instructions for use, Marking
Cross references EN 132:1998, EN 134:1998, EN 136, EN 140, EN 141:2000, EN 143:2000, EN 405, EN 12941, EN 13274-1, EN 13274-4, EN 13274-5:2001, 89/686/EEC
Replaces BS EN 403:1993
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