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EQ-1 Wireless Headset

EQ-1 Wireless Headset
Our PriceAUD$750.00

The EQ-1 Wireless headset requires either the EQ-Link module or the EQ-Base controller

The EQ-1 headset is designed for wireless freedom. This isthe same headset that is suppliedwith either the EQ-Link Kit or EQ-1 Wireless system. Now you can enjoy all of the features of a premium ANR headset with none of the wires!

  • Wireless ANR Headsetdesigned from the ground up utilizing over 20 years of experience in military RF design technology
  • No wires to tangle or break
  • Requires either the EQ-Link module or EQ Wireless base controller
  • Super soft, super durable replaceable ear seals
  • USB Charging capability
  • EQ-1 Headset incorporates 4 microphones and uses active noise reduction (ANR) for extremely noisy aircraft cabins
  • Frequency hopping 2.4 GHz RF technology (not bluetooth) insures clear, reliable communications
  • Voice is digitized and compressed before being transmitted across the RF interface
  • User adjustable VOX system
  • SOFTVOX allows for short gaps while speaking (no clipped words)
  • Voice Synthesis "speaks" control information and voice prompting when configuring the headsets functions
  • Long Life Ni-MH rechargeable batteries provide a minimum of 23 hours of operation between charges and includes voice announced battery capacity and low battery warnings
  • Auto off function. EQ-1 Headsets will turn off automatically when prompted by the EQ-Link or EQ-Controller unit
  • Can be powered from 12 V DC if needed for backup power
  • Can be charged from120Volt AC wall charger (supplied) or 12 V DC cigarette lighter adapter (optional)with voice announced "percentage of charge"
  • Wall charger will charge to "full" and then go into standby charge indefinitely
  • EQ-1 headsets can operate independently from the EQ-Link and EQ-1 Controllerin peer-to peer (intercom only) mode
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