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Corrosion X is an excellent penetrant, lubricant, and corrosion filter which confirms to Mil-C-81309E and is perfect for extended corrosion protection of airframes. It is also highly effective in protection of all components in the electrical/avionics systems. On existing corrosion, it penetrates oxidation, displaces electrolyte and stops electrolysis. On corrosion free surfaces provides an ultra-thin barrier to guard against moisture intrusion and corrosion attack. Treatment lasts 2 years or more, and Corrosion X is non-toxic. Corrosion X is a highly recommended treatment for extending the life of airframes.

Note: 16 oz Trigger Version can be shipped anywhere as it is non-hazardous and unrestriced.

AEROSOL cannot be shipped by Auspost-  so please provide a physical address and we will quote freight cost- It cost more!