12-02347 2kg
AUD$255.00 AUD$357.00

The Model 2EM-60 Differential Cylinder Pressure Tester combines the features of the popular 2E tester and a Master Orifice into one tool. Now you can conveniently check your engine's leakdown rate against a calibrated standard to instantly determine if your engine's cylinder leakage is within the manufacturer's limits. Specifications: Orifice size is .060". precision gauges matched to within +/-2%. Includes 18MM Spark Plug Adapter, 24" pressure hose, and complete instructions. Protective form-fitted hard case included. Factory calibrated. Letter of certification available upon request.


This differential pressure tester has a .060" orifice and is intended for use with engines whose bore diameters exceed 5" per AC43.13 REV 1B. However, Lycoming and Continental service specifications call for the use of a standard tester (with a .040" orifice) even if their engine’s bore diameters exceed 5", and for those engines you must comply with the manufacturer's specifications and use a standard tester such as the 2EM instead of this unit.