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The Affordable Dynamic Prop Balancer : DynaVibe is an economical, state-of-the-art dynamic propeller balancer designed specifically for the aircraft industry.


DynaVibe displays the magnitude and phase of propeller vibration allowing precise weight adjustments for balanced and smooth engine operation.
  • Economical - including:
    • Dynamic Balancer
    • Accelerometer with 30 ft cable
    • Optical Pickup and Reflective Tape (Tach)
    • Carrying Case
    • No hidden costs or additional items to buy!
  • Accurate - Reports RPM, Vibration Magnitude
  • Results - Reduce vibration for a smoother flight, and decrease mechanical wear of engine and instruments
Why balance?
A properly balanced engine installation offers a number of advantages over unbalanced equipment. The most significant advantage is in the longevity of components associated with the power plant. In many cases high vibration levels have lead to premature failure of critical engine components. Engine accessories, engine mounts, firewalls, and instruments are also susceptible to vibration damage and premature failure.

NIST is the National Institute of Standards and Technology: an agency in the Technology Administration that makes measurements and sets standards as needed.

Important Info:

  • The helicopter version will also work for aircraft. The helicopter version is the same as the aircraft version with additional features, including an extra accelerometer and push-to-talk switch activation of the averaging button, to allow your hands to remain on the controls.
  • There are no physical differences between NIST and non-NIST. The only difference is that the NIST unit comes with a certificate of calibration showing that it has been compared to a NIST standard device.
  • 1 year full warranty
  • NIST calibration is required annually for certified aircraft / rotorcraft.



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