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SchleppMAXXE 1

SchleppMAXXE 1
SchleppMAXXE 1
SchleppMAXXE 1
Our PriceAUD$2,850.00
CodeFLY 1-0
Weight 65kgs shipping weigh

.... small, strong, reliable and whisper-quiet drive!

With built in speed regulator in handlebar 
for easy regulated speed control 
Includes portable battery box and charger 

Call for shipping quote - special order item - delivered direct from Manufacturer 
3-4 weeks delivery

- extremely high-torque 400 W DC motor used with easy control
- steering by hand by gently lifting and tilting steering in the direction
- easy operation with forward/backward acceleration rocker
- variable speed, forward to 6 km/h brisk walking, backward 3 km/h
- virtually silent moving the single-engine and light two-engine plane
- space-saving short length and therefore also in the narrow plane hangar at left
- environmentally friendly - no fumes
- easily removal of battery - simply tilt and pick up to remove and carry for storage or charging away from the hangar
- switched charger for continuous operation, automatic cut
- maintenance-free and fast ergonomic height setting the handle on the individual operator
- NOW INCLUDES either long or short universal adaptor for many other aircraft. Quick and easy linkage  ( you MUST INDICATE when ordering, what aircraft the unit will be used on)

Long adapter to suit

Cessna C150/ C152/ C172 / C182/ C206, Diamond DA 42 Twin Star, Piper PA28 Archer/ PA32-301/ PA46 Malibu / Mirage, Piaggio FWP 149 D, Robin DR300, Ruschmeyer R90 Eurostar EV-97, Bölkow Monsun BO 209, Scottish Aviation Bulldog, SIAI Marchetti 260

Short adapter suitable to suit

Cessna P210RG/ C172RG/ C177RG/ C182RG/ C208 Caravan/ C350/ C400, Cirrus SR20/SR22, Diamond DA40/ DA20 Katana/ Super Dimona HK 36, Piper PA32 Saratoga/ PA28 Arrow/ PA46 Seminole/ PA60 Aero Star/ PA34 Seneca/ PA39 Twin Comanche/ PA31 Cheyenne, Socata TB20/ TB21, Beech B33-B36 Bonanza/ DUKE , Columbia, Commander 112/114, Partenavia P68 twin, Grumman Tiger AG-5B, Grob G115, Mooney, ZLIN 142/ 143 L , IAR 823, Navion R4, Aquila A210, Vulcanair C, Robin DR400, Gardan GY-80, Taifun 17 E, Tecnam, Texan Top Class, YAK 25/ 52/ 18T, Wassmer

Standard price includes 

portable charger-box 24V 33

 and standard tires 

long or short universal adaptor   ( you MUST INDICATE when ordering, what aircraft the unit will be used on)

Pressing the switch the SchleppMAXXE rolled at walking pace behind the operator. By simply pressing over the handle can steer the aircraft.


With the universal adapter are quick tool-free recording jacks for plugging different aircraft types possible.


With the lever in the handle can be opened to the universal adapter, so the SchleppMAXXE without having to bend over can thread through the inclusion of aircraft jacks.


Socata Adapter


Universal adapter with the adjustment axes.

The different axes; right here ist the adjustment axis Socata by rapid change and left with the ball lock pins cessna adjustment axis.


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From April there will be an accessory tiller control head. With the tiller head speed through the yellow paddle is controlled in both directions. A battery indicator, horn, and a key switch are also included.

With easy-removable battery box, the user can easily replace the battery´s charging at home or at the outlet. The accu-care provided by a switch-mode charger automatically for continuous operation with automatic switch-off.


On the front page of the battery box is a bone-assurance, the pull-out by making the SchleppMAXXE tension. This is the SchleppMAXXE short circuit protected (rodents).

SchleppMAXXE 1.0 with coupling






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