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Brightline B0 • SLIM

Brightline B0 • SLIM
Brightline B0 • SLIM
Brightline B0 • SLIM
Brightline B0 • SLIM
Brightline B0 • SLIM
Brightline B0 • SLIM
Brightline B0 • SLIM
Our PriceAUD$157.00

The B-Zero SLIMis a clever daily bag for iPads, Ultrabooks, and assorted technology and personal items. Organize all your small stuff once and then you have everything with you no matter which configuration you build.

The B-zero SLIM is obviously the thinnest possible FLEX System configuration. We sometimes call this bag "The iPad bag" because it works so well as an ultra-thin computing, personal, and technology bag - a "man purse" if you will.

The B-zero is simply the POCKET CAP FRONT (PCF) and the FLAT CAP REAR (FCR) modules zipped together. It has no definable interior storage dimensions since it is just two End Caps put right against each other, but the flexible nature of the modules allows one-half inch to three-quarters inch of flat items to fit inside between the modules.

The iPad (or other tablet) is most commonly stored inside the long slip pocket on the back of the FLAT CAP REAR module, and then the space between the two modules has the capacity to store a 13" MacBook Pro or a 13" Ultrabook. Or you coulp put a thin stack of Manila folders for documents, or a magazine or two in there. It is possible to carry both a thin laptop AND an iPad with this configuration.

The two modules of the B-Zero SLIM also serve as the obvious starting point for all other configurations. You can add and remove space as necessary just by adding different Center Sections.

It is possible to carry the B-Zero using both a handle and a Shoulder Strap because of a clever (and Patent Pending) clip called the "D3 CLIP". A pair of D3 CLIPS attach to two small loops on the top of the POCKET CAP FRONT module. And then the handle and shoulder strap attach to those D3 CLIPS. See the Gallery for photos.

The POCKET CAP FRONT acts like the "hub" for your entire FLEX System. No matter which configuration you carr,y you'll be attaching the POCKET CAP FRONT to one end of your bag. And the POCKET CAP FRONT is the "hub" because it holds all the important small stuff and personal stuff and technology stuff that you want with you no matter what. If you change configurations, you'll always move the POCKET CAP FRONTto the new configuration which means you'll always have all this key stuff with you without any repacking or reloading.

The POCKET CAP FRONTmodule offers a variety of pockets organized into three "main" pockets and six "secondary" pockets for a total of nine small pockets on the front panel. In these nine pockets you'll store all the cords, cables, chargers, batteries, stylus, and memory cards etc, for all your electronic gear. All these important items will finally be separated and organized like you've always wanted. In addition, you'll have room for your flight timer, fuel testers, E6B, flashlights, compact portable GPS, etc. Not to mention space for your wallet, keys, cellphone, business cards, Leatherman, glasses, pens, markers, and things like Ibuprofen, Chapstick, bandaids, etc, and even your digital camera. There is also a flat half-height slip pocket on the inner surface of the module where you can stow an important document or two (like a copy of your medical) or your passport.


The FLAT CAP REAR module offers two flat pockets on the outside, and one flat half-height slip pocket on the inner surface of the module. The primary outer pocket is accessed from the top and has a cover flap that is secured with Velcro. This where you'll likely store your iPad (as long as it's not in a thick case), or a manilla folder or two for some documents, or a magazine. There is a second flat half-height panel on the outside surface of the first one, that has a zipper across the very bottom. If the zipper is closed then this half-height panel acts like a pocket. If the zipper is open then the opening at the bottom allows the telescoping tubes of a suitcase or folding cart to pass through and the panel serves to secure your bag to those tubes (especially when this FLAT CAP REAR is attached to other modules to form bigger bags like the B2 COMPUTE, B4 SWIFT or the B7 FLIGHT.


The B0 SLIM (as well as the other 4 standard pre-configured bags) comes with a MAIN HANDLE and a SHOULDER STRAP, and also a SLIM HANDLE KIT. The SLIM HANDLE KIT consists of a SLIM HANDLE, two ADAPTER LOOPS, and four D3 CLIPS. This SLIM HANDLE KIT will be necessary in order to carry the B0 SLIM since there are no 1-inch quick-release clips for the MAIN HANDLE or the SHOULDER STRAP on the B0. Follow the included instructions and you will be able to install two D3 clips to allow the use of BOTH the SLIM HANDLE and the SHOULDER STRAP. (The remaining two D3 CLIPS are spares.)

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