AN6287-1 strut valve for operating pressures up to 3000 PSI. Consists of a three-piece stainless steel body, high-pressure valve core and MS20813-1B cap.


Q: Is this a direct replacement on an a55 baron? an6287-1

We do not have the replacement parts list for each aircraft available. Please check your aircraft manual and parts list to verify correct replacement parts.

Q: What gasket should be used for the AN6287-1 strut valve (part # 06-00395)?

Use gasket AN6227B-4 for this strut valve. (See Accessories)

Q: Who is the manufacturer of the AN6287-1 strut valve? What are the dimensions? Do you know the thread sizes?

The manufacturer is AVALCO. The dimensions are 1.784" in length with a 3/4 wrench size. This will be the widest part of the unit. It will have a 1/2-20 thread size.

Q: Is this a substitute for an-812-1?

Per the supplier: No this is not a replacement for that part.

Q: Re AN6287-1 STRUT VALVE: What O ring is used between the valve and strut?

The manufacturer does not recommend replacing the o-ring, you would need to replace the whole unit.

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