Not FAA PMA Approved

The Air Temperature Gauge is a direct reading gauge with both Fahrenheit and Centigrade graduations on the dial. It can be installed through plexiglas windshields, sheet metal cowling, or through the center strip of the windshield. When installing, choose a location that is visible to the operator which does not interfere with any adjacent parts or hardware.

Mounting Hole
Drill a .375" (3/8") + .010"/-.000" hole through the part of the window or wall section desired.

For use with a 7/16" torque wrench. Do not exceed 20 inch-pounds torque.

See included instructions for further installation.


Q: Do you have any more installation information for 10-15500 Scott Type Free Air Thermometer? Does it come with mounting hardware?

Instructions for installation are included with the thermometer. Additional mounting hardware is not required for installation as it is fastened using a torque wrench.

Q: Is this Scott type free air thermometer FAA/PMA'd, TSO'd and/or STC'd?

The thermometers are not FAA approved.

Q: Will the 10-15500 Scott thermometer work on the windshield of my 76 Tiger?

Please note that this is a NON PMA'd/TSO'd thermometer. That being said, it works and has the same dimensions as the thermometers being used in thousands of general aviation aircraft. The hole size used is 5/16 of an inch.

Q: What is the weight of this Scott Free Air Thermometer?

This instrument weighs 0.12 lbs.

Q: Are part# 10-15500 and part# 2716-00 the same? When I type 2716-00 it brings up 10-15500

Yes, our part # 10-15500 is ordered under the manufacturer part # 2716-00.

Q: How long is the threaded portion of the Scott Type Free Air thermometer?

The threaded section of the Scott type thermometer is 1-1/8".

Q: How far out of the window does this protrude - how long is the probe? Do you have a digital one that is like this self-contained one?

The probe is 3.5", no digital version is available.

Q: What is the diameter of the face of the Scott Type Air Thermometer?

2-1/16 inches diameter

Q: Is this Scott type free air thermometer adjustable or calibratable?

No. This thermostat is not adjustable and has no provision for calibration.

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