This unique tool for 1/8" 120° countersunk "Pop" rivets attaches to the Cherry G-28 standard hand "Pop" rivet gun. Simple design makes dimpling foolproof, quick and easy, with no cracking of metal. For use on aluminum to .040" thickness.
Made in USA


Q: Can this 120 flush dimpling tool be used with a hand riveter?

No, its designed to be used with a pop rivet tool.

Q: What is the difference between 12-01179 and 17014 dimple die and do they both use a standard hand pop riveter?

The 17014 was designed to be used with a G-28 pull type rivet gun, which one of the dies is threaded to fit the gun, and the 12-01179 can be used with any pull type rivet gun, it does not have a threaded die, it just has a straight shank mandrel that goes in the rivet gun like a mandrel on a pull type rivet.