For dimpling in hard to reach places. Works with any hand pop rivet tool. Can be used over & over. Works for both 100 & 120 pop rivets. Extra nails included (Uses standard hardware store nails). 2 sizes available. 3/32 part number is 12-00613
Note: The pop rivet dimplers show above are made with 100° angles, same as regular dimple dies. They will work with either solid flush rivets (AN-426 – 100°) or with pull type rivets such as a AVEX rivets (120°), etc. The dimple formed with these pop rivet dies will not be as ‘sharp’ as dimples formed with regular dimple dies. This is because you get more pressure with a squeezer or a hammer than with a pop rivet puller; however, the dimples formed with pop rivet dimplers are adequate for occasional use in tight or hard-to-use places.