These 3-way Weatherhead valves, with 1/4 female pipe ports feature a Delrin-spool design for smooth operation. Handle mounted on 1-1/4" long shaft. Not FAA approved.
Model No. 6749 3-Port Valve - Flow is from either side to middle port.


Q: Is this a left-right-both type of valve?

No, this valve does not have a "both" position.

Q: Does the three port have an off position? I am using it as a transfer selector, so I need left, right, and off. Regarding Part # 6749

Yes, we pulled one from stock and looked at the inner valve as I turned the knob and if the center was the incoming fuel, you can direct the fuel from right, to left, then off at the center.

Q: My valve has a slight leak/drip when in the off position. Is there a serviceable seal inside? If so, do you sell that part?

There is not a replacement seal available. You would have to purchase a new unit if your valve is no longer good.

Q: What size are the fittings? Pipe Thread?

The valves have female 1/4" NPT threads.

Q: Can you tell me the shaft size of this valve? I have a similar valve with a 5/16 or .312 diameter shaft. This valve may work for us if we can confirm the diameter of the shaft.

The shaft is 5/16".

Q: Does the 4 port valve part number 6747 have an indicating click when ports are perfectly lined up?

Yes. It does click when the ports are lined up.

Q: Does this weatherhead shut off valve the left, right, both fuel selector?

No, these do not have a "both" selection. It will be either left only, right only or off.

Q: Is there a labeled plate available for this valve?

No there is not a labeled plate specifically available for this valve.

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