Carbon Monoxide Detector CO GUARDIAN MODEL 353 +

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CO Guardian upgrades its best selling model 352 to the 353. Model 353 has a brand new sensor that can detect CO as low as 1 Part Per Million (PPM) to 999 PPM. This unit now comes standard for interfacing CO levels display on the G1000, GNS480 and other Multi- function displays. The 353 now has a built in pressure sensor that compensates for altitude. These units can be mounted on the panel or remotely. The primary function of the unit is to monitor CO levels from 01 to 999 ppm. If the CO level above 50 ppm within five minutes, an audible 85db alarm will sound. But there is allot more to this new warning system. Bonus safety feature is pressure sensing, which constantly monitors cabin pressure, and triggers an additional light when cockpit pressure reaches 10,000’ for 10 seconds 12,500 for 10 seconds) and 14,000 feet (Continuously). Even when you have your noise-canceling headsets in place, you will be able to hear the 85db alarm.
  • Input power 9-30 VDC (Auto voltage sensing) with less than 2 watt power draw
  • Temperature range -20C to 70C,Humidity 5% to 95% (Non compensating)
  • Interface: RS232 to the MFD to display "CO Level, cabin temperature and cabin pressure",
  • Pressure Sensor: tested to 25,000 feet
  • Loud 85DB alarm
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