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This CD provides access to 5 Internet delivered ATPL Navigation practice examinations.


These are representative of the type of question asked, and depth of understanding required by CASA. Most benefit as a final test of your knowledge after studying Navigation text books part 1 and 2. Worked answers are provided where significant calculation is required. Clock timer counts down for you to judge the speed required in the CASA exam. Access period is for 4 months from date of registration, or 6 attempts per exam, whichever occurs first.

About Cyber-Exams

All flight crew theory examinations are now provided by CASA, via computer terminals around Australia. These are commonly known as "Cyber Examinations". To reflect this change, a range of practice cyber examinations was created and made available via CD-ROM for most of the ATPL subjects. Purchasers must have Internet access to receive the practice cyber examinations.

How Cyba- Exams Work

When placed in the CD-ROM drive, these allow student access to the online Avfacts examination centre for the purchased subject (s). Then register your CD via the Internet, using the unique number code on the disk to gain an access a unique ID and password. You use these codes to enter each of the exams. Access is provided for 6 attempts at each of the examinations on the purchased disc, or 4 months from date of registration, whichever occurs first, at which time access automatically expires.

Examination Subjects Available

Product Code

Subject (s)


3 x Performance/Loading exams + 2 x Meteorology Exams


3 x Human Factors Exams + 3 x Air Law Exams


5 x Navigation Exams


5 x Aerodynamics and Aircraft Systems Exams
 Cyber CD features
  • On-screen display that is very similar to actual CASA Cyber examination display.
  • A timer allows you to judge the speed required to finish on time.
  • Questions are of a similar style and depth as those in CASA examinations.
  • Once finished a "Submit Answer’ button allows marking to occur.
  • Percentage marks gained are quickly presented on-screen.
  • Incorrect responses are highlighted.

      For calculation style examinations, a "Worked Answer" file provides a display of how the correct answers were derived. This allows you find any mistakes in the thinking or working.

      Access is provided for 6 attempts at each examination, or 4 months whichever occurs first.

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