Pitot Tube Plug

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Our own durable molded poly plug and unmistakable Plane Sights Remove-before-Flight streamer are a perfect easy-on, easy-off pitot tube cover solution. The blazing yellow colour of this foot-long, ANSI-compliant and weather-resistant reflective streamer stands out equally well in daylight or darkness under all weather conditions, so it can’t be missed. The poly plug is attached to the streamers rugged black oxide coated zinc eyelet with a stainless steel ring.

Weight: 0.04 kg
Rust resistant, fade resistant, ware resistant and like every other Plane Sights product, guaranteed for two years, or your money back!

Each year, over 18 percent of small aircraft suffer ground damage to win-tips, static wicks, elevators, rudders, rotors, propeller blades and other parts while being moved in and out of crowded community hangars.
•   highly reflective markers make vulnerable areas clearly visible under all conditions, and their projecting "proximity fuses" warn that something is too close before damage occurs.
•   markers are easily custom-fitted to virtually any aircraft, take only minutes to attach and remove, and weigh only three pounds folded into their briefcase-size pouch.
•   markers are available in sets of two to five pieces, for fitting to win tips and propeller blades. A full set, including its carrying pouch, weighs only three pounds and stows under any aircraft seat. Once initial fitting is done, the markers can be installed and removed in minutes during routine pre- and post-flight walk-arounds.

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