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Our range of windsocks are fit for use in all applications, including commercial airports.


White and Yellow socks are made from the highest quality materials Canvacon 5000E. Our windsocks are designed for users concerned with durability and reliable performance in any condition.

Orange is made from Solarmax, as this colour is not available in Canvacon.  Its colour also is not a UV stable colour. 

Sock price is less hoop. If hoop required, then choose hoop option.

A hoop is generally not required as the socks have 8 eyelets to mount to the round section of the frame. 

(correct windsock frames are vertical - not hanging on chains)

Hoop socks also cost a lot more to freight.

Featuring triple stitched seams, 'Series 5' white and Yellow windsocks are UV treated in order to reduce the damaging effects of the Australian sun.

Australian Made

8 feet 2.4 m long

2 foot 600 mm opening

Canvacon 5000E

Canvacon 5000E is a high quality Polyethylene based polyfabric designed for a wide range of industrial and agricultural tarpaulins, covers, liners and membranes. Canvacon 5000E is manufactured from premium grade UV stabilised polyethylene giving it the highest coating adhesion of any Polyfabric. Therefore welded seams are much less likely to peel and water proofing quality is excellent. Canvacon 5000E can be hot air and hot wedge welded with weld strength comparable to the base fabric strength. This, along with a superior strength/weight ratio, and abrasion and tear resistance make Canvacon 5000E the logical choice for a wide range of applications. Canvacon 5000E has a 3 year UV warranty and a 3 year lamination warranty.

Product Highlights & Features

  • Heavy duty fabric with UV stabilised coating and base fabric for superior strength and long service life.
  • 3 year UV warranty and 3 year delamination warranty on Canvacon socks only-  1 year on Orange as this is made from a different material and is not as high UV rated. 
  • High coating adhesion for excellent weld strength and ease of welding.
  • Superior strength versus weight.
  • Excellent tear resistance.
  • Dirt repellent Low Density Polyethylene coating.
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