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Transponder KTX2-S

Transponder KTX2-S
Our PriceAUD$3,100.00

The newly developed and certified Mode-S KTX2 aircraft transponder is light and compact, suitable for ADS-B, with low power consumption, integrated height encoder and high-quality TFT colour display. As a Class 1 transponder with an operating range of up to 30,000 ft and 250 kt, it is ideal for GA aircraft as well as gliders, UL, experimental aircraft and balloons

The KTX2 transponder offers the highest possible flight safety because, in addition to the Squawk and flight level, a 24-bit identifier is transmitted which is uniquely assigned to each aircraft. In addition, the air traffic control unit can specifically interrogate certain transponders. The KTX2 thus makes a significant contribution to flight safety.  

General data/basic data

  • approx. 390 g
  • 146.7 x 63 x 62 mm, Ø57 mm diameter face

Technical data

  • Minimum weight of only 380 g
  • Compact design 146.2 x 63 x 62 mm
  • Mode S, Class 1
  • Intuitive operation
  • High-contrast TFT color display for brilliant legibility
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Integrated height encoder
  • Simplest installation
  • Max. operating height 30,000 ft


  • ETSO-C112d, ETSO-C88a / TSO-C112d, TSO-C88a, EUROCAE ED-26, EUROCAE ED-14F, EUROCAE ED-12C; EUROCAE ED-73E, RTCA DO-181E, ETSO-C166b / TSO-C166b (ADS-B out)
  • Software: RTCA DO-178C / ED12C Level D
  • Hardware: RTCA DO-254 / ED80 Level C
  • RTCA DO-160G / ED-14G

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