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Carbon Monoxide Detector MODEL AERO-252A

Carbon Monoxide Detector MODEL AERO-252A
Our PriceAUD$550.00


CO Guardian uses a patent-pending technology to compensate for changes in an airplane due to temperature and humidity. The detector has three (3) warning systems: audio, digital, and numeric warnings for escalating or dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in the cabin. CO Guardian can also be used in vehicles, motor homes, emergency vehicles, etc., as it plugs into any 12/24V adapter. All models have 3 Year Limited Warranty.
  • Features:
  • * Max power consumption = Less than 1W
  • Weight: approx. 3.2 oz
  • Works from 10V to 30V sys.
  • Audible alarm w/varying pitch at 85DB
  • Digital CO Level Readout
  • CO Sensor tested to 13,500ft * Product shielded to prevent RMI (Radio Magnetic Interference) with Aircraft systems
  • Front panel lighting (Green, Amber & Red)
  • Built in Temperature compensating circuit
  • Built in Humidity compensating circuit
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