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Fly with SKWOOSH™ and say goodbye to numbness in your legs and rear.  TekPad® gel technology delivers pressure relief for long flight comfort. 


 The compact SKWOOSH™ Pilots's seat is designed specifically for flight personnel.  It folds to fit in a chart case, carry on or just hang it from a roll-on.  It has a durable 300 denier top fabric for comfort and convenient attached cord loops for hanging.  The non-skid bottom makes SKWOOSH™ stay put, insuring no movement during use, while it's low profile allows you to maintain normal seat position.  So when you have to sit for a long time, in the cockpit or passenger cabin, count on SKWOOSH™ for comfort.


Cockpit Comfort
Travel Convenience
Easy to Use
Easy to Carry
Easy to Enjoy
Patented TekPad lightweight pressure relieving gel
Relieving pressure helps you fly longer in comfort
Stays put-no movement during flight
Lightweight, compact, folds for easy transport or storage
Cord loops for easy hanging on flight bag
Waterproof and stain resistant
Model# P5544
Weight: 8 oz. 
Open Dimensions: 15" x 10½" x ½"
Folded Dimensions: 7½" x 10½" x 1"
Color: Black
Non-Skid bottom
Convenient cord loops for hanging
Made in USA - Guaranteed Performance and Guaranteed Workmanship 


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