EQ-Link - No longer available



Due to the manufacturer not supporting customers or distributors we are no longer selling these headsets or related products.

Sorry to all the people who have purchased these great headset over the 11 years that they have been on the market, 

Please attempt to contact the manufacturer directly to get service or repairs.

Gary Sargeant   email gsargeant@amnet.net.au

ph 0408906520

EQ-Link is the heart of the EQ1 Communications system.

it provides the Clear audio transmission from the Aircraft to either

Multiple EQ1 Wireless headsets- Our standard or listen only versions

Multiple EQ-R-Links attached to any brand headset with Cords.


No cables in the Cockpit!

How does it work?


1. Plug the EQ-Link into any aviation Jack/s - fully charged is best, 20 hours operation time.

U174, GA twin or LSA - Adapters can be used if you have multi versions.

2. Switch on the aircraft avionics

3. EQ-Link detects either EQ-R-Link or EQ1 Wireless headset, within seconds

4. Start to talk on the headset-  Thats it!

The EQ-Link is a fully certified FCC and CE compliant radio transmitter.

It operates on its own secure full duplex 2Ghz band and provides a wireless link to either EQ-R-Link, or EQ1 Wireless headset

* As many as six EQ-R links can operate with one EQ-Link

*Multiple EQ1 Headsets can operate with EQ-Link

*It is recommended in a multicrew environment, to have seperate EQ-LINK EQ1 headset

* Its great for a mutli pax environment

* Search and rescue with a first responder on the end of a winch

*Ground crew

* It works up to 10m ( 33 feet ) from the headset or EQ-R-Link

Rechargeable in-flight - simple USB charging  - cables are supplied

One charge lasts up to 20 hours.  Simply plug it into any USB charging device to charge.  
It has its own charge monitor and battery manager.

Long operation, no changing of batteries required.