EQ1 Cell Phone Interface - no longer available



Due to the manufacturer not supporting customers or distributors we are no longer selling these headsets or related products.

Sorry to all the people who have purchased these great headset over the 11 years that they have been on the market, 

Please attempt to contact the manufacturer directly to get service or repairs.

Gary Sargeant   email gsargeant@amnet.net.au

ph 0408906520

THE EQ Bluetooth is one of the worlds smallest Bluetooth transmitters.

Its designed to plug into either
or any other aviation headset or headset/device with an audio input socket.

Range: Up to 10 metres/ 33 feet.  Best range is achieved with line-of sight

Talk Time: 16+ hours on a 12 hour charge.

Standby Time:  Up to 150 hours on a 12 hour charge.


Simple to use.
1. Plug in to the device you want to use with the EQ-BT

2. Pair the EQ-BT with either phone or other input with Bluetooth.

3. Take calls or listen to audio.  That's it.

Whats in the box?
1 x Eq-BT
1 x USB charger cable
1 x Audio cable
Both cables on handy auto spool reels to prevent tangles when stored.
1 x Easy to read instruction manual in plain English.